University: Q&A With Drama Undergraduates

There are a lot of common misconceptions about what it's like to be a drama student. I've asked some of my fellow first year drama students a few questions, to see if they can sum up their own experiences and challenge some of the stereotypes we face in performing arts.

Theatre Review: Meet Fred 13/3/17

Think you know puppet shows? Think again. If what you know about puppetry is all Punch and Judy or The Muppets, then you clearly haven't met Fred. It had the audience in fits of giggles one minute, with Fred's inappropriate behaviour at a children's party, and reduced to tears the next, as Fred hit rock bottom. Truly 5-star.

University: Finding Housing

There are some parts of a university experience that are pretty much inevitable, and one of those is having to find and rent a house for second and third year. After spending a first year in halls of residence, meeting new people and forming friendships (some that may last, some that may not), there soon comes a time to start house hunting.