So, as you’ve stumbled across my blog, I’m guessing you’d like to know a few things about the person behind the screen.

My name is Jessica and I am an undergraduate university student studying Drama and Performance (I know what you’re thinking – typical drama queen!). Harry Potter is quite possibly one of my favourite things – I’m a Ravenclaw who has read all of the books 6 times. I love to read, when I have the time and concentration, and tend to sustain myself on a diet of tea and cake. On that note, I love to bake, hence all the photos of cake that you will soon see appearing. I like the chance to be creative, so I’m currently getting into scrapbooking all my photos and tickets from last year, in the hope that it will continue for as long as I enjoy taking pictures and documenting them.

For me, this platform is a learning curve, so please bare with me whilst I muddle my way through it and get to grips with how to blog and creating content that people want to see.

Thank you muchly.

Jess. X