Day in the Life: 19th Birthday

“There are three hundred and sixty four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I’ve done it. I’ve entered my last year as a teenager until the scary 2-0 next year. Even though I’m always the youngest out of any friendship group, I like having a birthday in the summer, and in the middle of the year – nice weather (sometimes) and more chance that everyone is free due to finished exams, summer evenings, etc.


This year, I’ve been racking my brain for ages for what to do for my birthday. For my 18th I had a family and friends BBQ, went ice skating and even went to London. I didn’t want/need the same sort of celebration this time, but I wanted to do something. There isn’t masses to do around where I live and I don’t have endless funds, so I decided low-key was better, and went for a gathering with my friends (from home and university) with lots of food and drink, with no real agenda for the evening.


I have to say, there was a definite trend with the lovely gifts that people bought for me; jewellery (v nice) and alcohol (are people trying to tell me something?). Also had some brilliant bits like candles, vouchers and my personal favourite, a LABEL MAKER. Efficient scrapbooking, here I come.


I had a lovely evening on the Friday night, dancing and drinking with my friends, just generally having a laugh and a good time. Obviously, lots of cake was involved – special thanks to my Grandma for making me a birthday cake, especially when I am the one to normally make everyone else’s! Definitely have some brilliant videos of everyone dancing and singing that will be coming out on all of their birthdays!


On the Saturday, the day of my birthday, the weather was nice and warm, so we headed into the high street of my hometown to go for brunch (it was nearly 12pm by this point). We settled on a tea room called ‘Violet’s’ (there was large empty table in the middle simply made for us all!) – this was a lovely choice as it was 1940s weekend in Shropshire, which meant that all the waitress staff were dressed accordingly and they had a live singer performing iconic songs, such as those of Vera Lynn. I had baked camembert and a pot of tea, all served on Vintage China!


It was also the Carnival weekend, which meant there was a procession going through the high street around the time we left the tea room. It was nice for my friends who aren’t local to experience Bridgnorth in this way, and they seemed to enjoy it which was lovely. We took advantage of the good weather and had a lovely walk by the castle – it’s the simple things that made my birthday enjoyable!


In the evening, I went for a meal with my family and boyfriend, the perfect way to round off my birthday. I was exhausted by this point, but surely that’s the sign of a good birthday?

♥ Thank you to everyone who sent me messages and helped me to celebrate, I appreciate it all endlessly. ♥

What’s your favourite part of your birthday?

Jess. X


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: 19th Birthday

  1. It sounds like you had a great birthday – a low-key birthday can be great with the right people around you! I just turned 19 in June, and i love having my birthday around this time of year too 🙂

    Steph /

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